Free Wifi & USB Charging Ports on MTA Buses

WiFi and USB symbols on an MTA bus
WiFi and USB symbols on an MTA bus

Because I prefer to walk to get some exercise and fresh air rather than ride either the bus or the subway, I have not used NYC public transportation in over a decade. I was walking down the street the other day, and I happened to look up just as an MTA bus passed by me. I stood there with my mouth open as I saw the WiFi and USB symbols on the side of the bus. I gushed, “WHAAAT?! When the hell did this happen? That is so cool!”. Just then, a young man walked by, failing miserably at hiding the big smirk on his face. I pointed my finger at him, squinted and hissed, “Don’t you DARE say ‘Ok Boomer’ to me!”. He laughed and shook his head. All jokes aside, I’m psyched about this new discovery of mine! From now on, I will blog about every FREE WiFi Hotspot and FREE Charging Station that I find here in NYC. I will tell you where it’s located, what the place looks like, how fast/strong the WiFi signal is, whether it’s secured or not, and what time it is available to the general public. If there’s anything else important you should know (like rules), I will tell you that as well. If you know of any places in NYC that offer FREE WiFi and/or FREE Charging, please let me know! – DJ

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